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est. 1880


1685 - The beginnings

Boyer Maxut is brought to the country from Istanbul by Constantin Cantemir and a few years later put in charge of the collective management of Moldova


1752 - The Maxut estate

The boundaries of the Maxut estate are set by voda Mihai Racovita, south of the Harlau market


1880 - 1887 - Construction of the Mansion

Ghika Deleni brings a team of architects from Italy... It aims to build an imposing, but inexpensive, comfortable and at the same time functional residence. A combination between holiday home and farm, as everything was to be grown, produced and harvested on the field.


1901 - Marriage

On February 7, 1901, Alexandrina Polizu marries the lawyer Nicolae Gr. Polizu-Micsunesti, the head of the country bar, farmer and friend of Iuliu Maniu. Thus, the mansion and the Maxut estate become the property of the Polizu-Micsunesti family.


1916 - Visit of the historian and memorialist Nicolae Iorga

An elegant carriage pulled by two powerful horses is now taking us towards the castles, the courtyards of the Ghica brothers, Messrs. Constantin Ghica, from Delenii lui Maxut, and Grigore Ghica from Delenii Cantacuzinilor. The house of the first opens all its windows on an infinity of green hills, golden valleys, which stop at a blue line that resembles the face of the distant sea. The big roses are still blooming, the fir trees with their dark needles surrounded the house, the water rotted by the drought gushes from the wide pool whose swans have taken shelter in a corner of coolness. With the gestures of a retired general, who would also be a great tycoon, Mr. Constantin Ghica guides us through the paths of the shining garden. N. Iorga, Romania as it was until 1918, II, Moldova and Dobrogea, Library collection for all, Minerva publishing house, 1972, Bucharest, p 39


1926 - Visit of Princes Ileana and Nicolae

At the invitation of the couple Alexandrina and Nicolae, princes Ileana and Nicolae visit the Maxut estate

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1948 - Nationalization

After the war, the mansion was the headquarters of the security, and from 1948, after nationalization, it became the headquarters of the Maxut State Farm, still suffering from lack of care and thefts.

Photo source: infopitesti


2006 - The recent memories of the mansion begin

On January 11, 2006, the mansion was introduced to an extensive renovation process, which lasted for five years. The process was started by IrinaIoana Riscutia, the rightful heir of the mansion and the domain, being helped at every step by the entrepreneur and visionary Constantin Stefanuca. The two brought to life one of the few mansions still standing in Romania. The smallest details were taken into account in order to return the building and the park to their original form.


2014 - Renovation continues

The former servants' annex is being renovated. The coquettish and intimate rooms are ready to share their memories with tourists.

Polizu Manor {rooms} - 007.jpg

2020 - Irina Ioana Riscutia

The rightful heir, Mrs. Irina Ioana Riscutia, breaths her last at the Maxut estate, where she was a child and where she spent the last part of her life.

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1700 - The village

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1880 - The beginnings of the Manor

Constantin T. Ghika Deleni inherits the Maxut estate spread over 1000 hectares, where he builds a new, isolated residence, located at the top of the hill, on uneven land. His brother, Grigore T. Ghika Deleni, inherits the parental mansion in Deleni


1881 - Alexandrina Polizu

Adina Polizu is born, the daughter of Constantin Ghika-Deleni


1904 - Nicolae Polizu-Micsunesti, son

On July 2, 1904, Lieutenant aviator (r) Nicolae Polizu-Micsunesti was born in Harlau. He participated in 160 missions, 52 air battles and obtained 10 approved victories and one probable one. He was one of the three aviators decorated with the Michael the Brave Order in 1941


1917 - Queen Maria's visit

During the First World War, she accompanied her husband in refuge in Moldova, working as a charity sister in military hospitals, an activity that made her popularly known as the "mother of the wounded". During the refuge, Queen Maria also visited the Maxut estate, marking this visit in her memoirs: Arrival at Harlau, which is so full of war memories. […] warm welcome at the station. The Polizu spouses, the young Ghica-Deleni, General Zadic, officials, etc. (…) The rest of the day was spent more or less at Macsut, where their hospitality is truly Moldovan. An extraordinary lunch, with excellent wines [...] Back to Macsut, to take a walk through the vineyard and have an early dinner [...]. The group was as pleasant and cheerful as possible and the people of Macsut were particularly delighted.


1944 - The Second World War and the Russian troops

In April 1944, Russian troops occupied Tg Frumos, Harlaul and the mansion, destroying the buildings and looting the wine from the cellar. In the vicinity of the mansion, they built a Russian military hospital and a headquarters at the mansion. The domain was released only in August 1944. The testimonies of the villagers recall the atrocities committed on the sheds, the library and pieces of furniture. 24,560 volumes belonging to the family were burned, all the pieces of furniture were either destroyed or stolen, the walls and doors were defaced, and all the architectural decorations were thrown away.


2005 - Air Nobil is restored

After long trials, the legal heir Irina Ioana Riscutia succeeds in obtaining by retrocession the estate from Maxut and Conacul, in a very advanced stage of degradation.


2012 - Romanian nobility

The website of the manor is put into operation and many guests from Romania and abroad want to step on its threshold due to the history, beauty and sincerity of the domain, the staff and the surrounding nature.

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2016 - Swimming pool

A complex consisting of an outdoor pool, a sauna and a pool terrace are added so that the Polizu Domain forms a versatile space.


2021 - We love to make beautiful memories for those who step on our doorstep

Thank you!

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