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Private Events

We are glad that you will love the historic Polizu Mansion, built in 1880 by the Ghika family.

The historic garden of over 140 years is the setting in which we organize the special events of our guests or for the late autumn months, we invite you to the event hall, made of the original brick of over 140 years.

We have organized over 350 events at the Manor where we learned to create noble menus, luxurious decorations and incredible feelings.

Intimate events where you can benefit from the whole field or family dinners, we are at your disposal with all our heart!

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Civil Weddings

Officers in the garden of the Manor, on the meadows, or at the pool.

Menus built specifically for your wishes.


Family dinners, small parties or tastings until sunrise, to mark special moments.


In the rose garden described by Nicolae Iorga in his visit to the mansion, in the Alexandrina salon, at the pool - all dreams and ideas turn into noble memories at the mansion


Intimate events to mark special moments in family life

Corporate events

A luxury domain for loyal employees or key partners.

We offer you a fully equipped meeting room, wine cellar and garden for various teambuilding activities, healthy options for coffee breaks and varied menus, campfire and stationery services for complete organization.

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