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Cucuteni culture - The first European Civilization

The culture of Cucuteni represents the birth of the European civilization, the understanding of a people that 5000 years ago was building human settlements and creating art, having a lifestyle worthy of our amazement and understanding.
Newspapers such as the New York Times presented the fascinating history of the area and the enormous importance that this site has in the context of European and world history.
The name comes from the village next to which the remains were found in 1884. The surface is believed to cover almost 350.000 sqm, covering parts of Romania, Moldavian Republic and Ukraine.
Historians date this particular civilization some hundreds of years before the civilization of Sumer and the Ancient Egypt, and are fascinated by the importance of the discoveries. The remains present the life of an unknown people, to which scientist cannot attribute a name due to the inexistence of the writing system in that period.

The Cucuteni culture can be described by means of the proto-urbane settlements, that showed the way of living, and possibly the way of burying the dead ones. You will be able to see these amazing locations and get explanations regarding their purpose, their discovery and their evolution through time.
Another element underlining the culture is represented by the pottery and ceramics. These objects are of a distinct quality and preservation. The technique was simple and included clay, sand and sun, resulting in different shades of white, red and black. The decorations are predominantly in shape of spirals, but of an unknown significance.
The third element is represented by the statuettes that sketch anthropomorphic shapes. The feminine silhouette is predominant, showcasing gracious and supple bodies and underlining a certain cult of the mother-goddess. The male silhouettes are rare, and have faces covered with masks. Historians and scientists underline the inexistence of statuettes showcasing slaves or other sacrificed figurines, thus proving a peaceful and egalitarian civilization.

The Tour to Cucuteni is tailored for your understanding of a unique and millenary tradition. A civilization that used hunting, agriculture and pottering as ways of life more than 5000 years ago. Come and understand the fascination of historians from all over the world, and see for yourself the traditions and lifestyle of the first European civilization. Go back to your roots!

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