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Cotnari - following the route of wine back in time

The history of the vineyards and tradition wine making of Cotnari go back into the history up to the Thracian-Getoc inheritance. The first mentions of the vineyard intself were made around 1250, but proofs are entitled to show that that vines were being grown here even before Christian times, since the reign Burebista, the leader of the Geto-Dacians (82 - 44 BC).
Although the vineyards went to a series of unfavourable times, the tradition was kept alive, proving that the quality and experience of these grapes touched by sun will be perpetuated. Around 1830, the grapes destined for wine were being picked from the vineyards' 720 acres of land. A hundred years later, the vines of Cotnari were covering nearly the same territory, only to reach no less than 2000 acres in 1990. Nowadays, the vineyards idly extends over 1700 acres that embellish the leisurely hills of the Moldavian Plateau. After being born from its grapes, the wine gets to age slowly in barrels made of oak, hidden in the chilly cellars of Cotnari.

It is worth mentioning these cellars are some of the most impressive in Romania, the wine collection having more than 1 million bottles, some of these being even older than the shelter hosting them.
Cotnari S.A. now has over 1.700 hectares of grapevines, 1.300 with fruit-bearing capacity. This vineyard only grows Romanian varieties of grapes: Grasa de Cotnari, Francusa, Feteasca Alba si Tamaioasa Romaneasca, in approximately equal quantities, and recently also added Feteasca Neagra and Busuioaca de Bohotin.

The annual grape production is on average 12 million kg, a quantity that gives approximately 7.5 million litres of C.D.O. wine (controlled designation of origin). The maximum capacity of storage for the factory is around 2.000 wine tanks and that equals 20 million litres.

The large number of prizes and awards turned the Cotnari wines in one of the most appreciated wines in Romania. The quality of the process and the delicacy of the wine have been promoted worldwide.

"Cotnari S.A. has a couple of major advantages: its history, the tradition, two authentic grape varieties - Grasa de Cotnari and Francusa - also its large area of vine plantations, the terroir, the modern technology and its highly qualified people. All of this builds us stronger than other wine producers and makes it very difficult for them to compete against us."

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